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Every child deserves to grow up carefree. Yet this is not always obvious. Unpleasant events or lack of a loving network make it difficult for a child to get ahead. Fortunately, there are dedicated care professionals in youth aid who can help. Sometimes there are also structures and agreements that make that help not always easy. That is why we are here especially for children, young people and care professionals from youth care. From the Netherlands and the Balkans.

We are not healthcare, nor do we take over healthcare. We do walk the walk for a while because we believe that sometimes there are more appropriate, creative ways from A to B. Our tools and encounters help to listen better and go off the beaten path. But above all to (re)connect. With yourself, with other children and youth or with your beautiful profession, fellow professionals and those who facilitate your journey. You still need to
take the steps yourself to move forward, but with boundless energy we make the journey more fun and lighter so you move forward. On to that horizon!


The "Vereeniging Kinderzorg," which dealt with the problems of neglected children in Overijssel, was founded. The current office of Kinderperspectief functioned at that time as a children's home. This association of deaconesses grew into a broad umbrella of institutions for youth care and welfare in Overijssel.
In the late 1990s, the "Child Care Association" said goodbye to youth care and welfare tasks. These tasks were continued by other institutions through mergers. During the same period, much was changing in the political situation of Eastern Europe. Both movements gave rise to a broadening of the view to this region, focusing particularly on countries in Southeastern Europe.
Association for Child Care and Protestant Christian Child Broadcasting merged under the name Association for Youth and Child Care. The PCK had much experience with children who had lived in colony homes. These homes later grew into professional institutions in the field of youth care and special education.
The Association for Youth and Child Care continues under the name Children's Perspective. The name, role and structure changed and the original goal; a better future for children and youth growing up in difficult circumstances, was reshaped.
Children's Perspective continues to evolve and has been redesigned; more appropriate for youth and children and more appealing to care professionals. The offerings, encounters and tools, are more tightly presented and on that structure we continue to build new, beautiful resources that help children, youth and care professionals take steps in life and careers.

Our team

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Ljiljana Ban

Project manager & editor-in-chief alternativni mod/dom

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Eddie Koller


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Bas Rodijk

Project Manager

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Dijana Jankovic

Project Manager

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Martine Tobé


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Our beautiful building, just steps away from Zwolle train station, offers space to more organizations than ourselves. Our building is beautifully old on the outside and renovated on the inside to suit the conveniences of our time. And the great thing is that with the rent you help make Kinderperspectief's projects possible. Looking for a place to hold a workshop, training or presentation?


networking BBCN & FICE Netherlands

We believe that personal growth is important. But real change is achieved by working together. We are proud to be involved as steering committee members and board members in two important networks: Better Care Network Netherlands (BCNN) and FICE Netherlands. These partnerships allow us to increase our commitment and work together toward our common goals.


others about us

"The people who run this organization are truly phenomenal. There is first of all experience, and a constant desire to help and create solutions that will help young people and professionals who work with young people every day. This organization is also very supportive for the ideas that have real potential. I can see a sincere desire, great strength and true motivation to work. You are making a big impact. "

Denis Culahovic, Founder Moj Krug