Growing up carefree is not always obvious. Unpleasant events or lack of a loving network can make it difficult for a child or young person to get ahead. Fortunately, there are dedicated care professionals from youth aid who can help. But sometimes there are also structures and agreements that make that help not always easy. That can be done differently. With our refreshing and creative tools and encounters, we let you experience that sometimes there are other, more appropriate ways from A to B.

For children and adolescents


Our customized, innovative tools help children and young people take the next step in their lives. For example, the practical app Kwikstart helps Dutch youth find their way in work, finances, housing and help within their own municipality. With Discover Yourself, children and young people dive into the depths of the world in search of their own qualities for that next step in their development. And so there is more!



During Kinderperspectief Camps, young people meet others just like them, from the Netherlands and abroad. And they work on their future in a challenging, sporting way. The Children's Perspective Labs give plenty of space to how young people (together with professionals, creatives and other experts) think youth care can be better and different. From there, we create a tool or encounter that really helps.


For healthcare professionals


Our customized, innovative tools are designed specifically to help children and youth take that next step in their lives. Tools that are also useful to you as a care professional. Kwikstart shows you and the young person the way to independence in work, finance, housing and help within your own community. With Discover Yourself you dive into depth together in a playful way, looking for your own qualities for the next step in their development.

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The internationally oriented meetings of the Children's Perspective Academy take healthcare professionals from the Netherlands and the Balkans away from fixed structures and familiar paths. The online and offline meetings that we organize focus on sharing knowledge and experiences as well as experiencing each other's work practices. Our informative magazine especially for healthcare professionals in the Balkans supports this.

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others about us

"The people who run this organization are truly phenomenal. There is first of all experience, and a constant desire to help and create solutions that will help young people and professionals who work with young people every day. This organization is also very supportive for the ideas that have real potential. I can see a sincere desire, great strength and true motivation to work. You are making a big impact. "

Denis Culahovic, Founder Moj Krug