locatie: Southeastern Europe

Alternativni mod/dom (magazine)

Alternativni mod/dom (literal translation: alternative mode/alternative home) is the trade magazine for youth aid professionals from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. It is all about sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration. Nice and concrete and practice-oriented so professionals can get started right away. Alternativni mod/dom inspires with stories that go off the beaten path. In order to help youth care professionals find new...

Growth Diamond Moj Krug

The Growth Diamond Project exists to guide young, emerging organizations in Southeastern Europe on their journey to success. Children's Perspective supports the organization, "the growth diamond," in setting goals and strategy so that it becomes more stable, stronger and independent. The organization receives assistance in creating a strategic plan, related planning and, if necessary,...

Children's Perspective Camps

Working on your future as a young person for a week in a challenging, sporting way? Then you are talking about Children's Perspective Camps. During a 'camp week' you work on your future together with young people from different countries, who are (also) involved with youth care. The result? A personal five-year plan with which you can step...

Children's Perspective Academy Trip to NL

Are you working in youth or foster care in Serbia, Bosnia or Croatia? And are you in need of some inspiration, refreshment or just have a lot of knowledge or insights to share? Then the annual Kinderperspectief Academy Trip is for you. Together with fellow professionals from Southeastern Europe, you will travel to the Netherlands for a unique working visit.

Discover Yourself (quality game)

What are your strengths? What qualities characterize you? What quality makes you unique? The quality game "Discover Yourself" supports you as a young person in discovering your own qualities. Which you can then perhaps use more at school or name during a job interview, for example.