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  • Alternativni mod/dom (literal translation: alternative mode/alternative home) is the trade magazine for youth aid professionals from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. It is all about sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration. Nice and concrete and practice-oriented so professionals can get started right away. Alternativni mod/dom inspires with stories that go off the beaten path. To help youth care professionals find new ways in their careers and the help they provide.

    Method Alternativni mod/dom

    An editorial team consisting of representatives from the triangle of professionals, science and youth compiles the magazine. The editorial board members come from the Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia. The main goal is to present important topics in a practical and easy-to-understand way so that professionals can read it during their coffee break, on the way to work or on vacation.

    The magazine is published twice a year and each edition has a specific theme chosen by the editorial team.


    In addition to the articles, which are written in Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian, there are recurring blogs, an inspiration page, the "I wonder" section and a different host country each edition. Because of a shared past and the same context, it is relatively easy to implement best practices from these countries in one's own country. In addition, we also share best practices from distant countries to gain inspiration and explore new ideas.

    Alternativni mod/dom comes in both print and online formats, so you can enjoy the trade magazine your way. Check out the magazine here.


    • Each edition is packed with concrete materials that can be used immediately by social workers.
    • It encourages professionals to think outside the box about themselves and their work.
    • It encourages a culture of sharing and learning from each other's stories, viewpoints and daily practices.
    • 500 hardcopies distributed to organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia working with children and youth.

    In a row

    Youth aid professionals from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

    Southeastern Europe  (Bosnian, Croatian & Serbian)

    Twice a year

    Through youth service organizations in the above countries, social media and online

    Editorial team from Serbia | Croatia | Bosnia

    others about us

    "A magazine that is more than just a magazine; it is a source of inspiration and really makes a difference. There are so many people-heroes we would never have heard of if there were no magazines like this one..."


    "Wonderful reading material! Inspiring and positive, useful for professionals and engaging for a wider audience. Great design. A big thumbs up for the 'And now?" section.


    "The magazine is great. There are so many open, authentic and honest stories of young people in it. "