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For children, youth and youth service professionals

We are kinderperspectief

Horizon expanders for children, youth and youth care professionals. Our meetings and tools give children and youth perspective on the next step in their lives and care professionals a different perspective on their work.

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Tools & meetings for:

Children and adolescents

Our customized, innovative tools support children and youth in taking the next step in their lives. Think of an app that helps with independence. Or a game that motivates young people to think about their qualities or their future. During Kinderperspectief Labs and Camps, young people meet each other, work on their future and share knowledge with which we help youth care to develop.


Healthcare professionals

Our international, on- and offline meetings focus on sharing knowledge and experiences as well as experiencing each other's work practices. Our tools help you in your work. Think of an app with which you optimally support the young person on his way to independence. Or a theme game with which you playfully discuss difficult subjects or search together for the future that suits your young person.

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April 4, 2024

Children's Foundation and Children's Perspective Foundation join forces to raise awareness among young people on their way to adulthood.

The road to adulthood is like a challenging journey, sometimes like a smooth highway, other times like a bumpy terrain. In order to better prepare young people for adult life, it is time for a new step! That is why Children's Perspective Foundation and Foundation of the Child are joining forces. Together, they want to ensure that young people...

March 21, 2024

Growth giant Moj Krug makes future plan!

Starting in 2023, Children's Perspective is working with the "Growth Brilliants" program. Youth network Moj Krug from Serbia has been selected as the first organization. The goal is to support young organizations like Moj Krug in structured growth and increase the impact they make.

March 7, 2024

Academy participant Wim on Serbia trip: 'inspiring, challenging and educational.

Every year, Stichting Kinderperspectief organizes an Academy trip for Dutch professionals in youth care to Bosnia, Croatia or Serbia. How do professionals experience this Academy trip, what do they leave behind in the Balkans and what insights do they take back with them? This time Wim from Yorneo.

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"The people who run this organization are truly phenomenal. There is first of all experience, and a constant desire to help and create solutions that will help young people and professionals who work with young people every day. This organization is also very supportive for the ideas that have real potential. I can see a sincere desire, great strength and true motivation to work. You are making a big impact. "

Denis Culahovic, Founder Moj Krug

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